Inout Rank

Inout Rank is a score used to rank the tools available in the Inout index. A higher value means a better service rating.

Negative influences on the score include:

  • low quality of the result
  • dark patterns, such as the surprising requirement to create an account at the end of the process
  • requirement to provide the phone number, credit card number and other things that make it difficult to use the tool
  • deterioration of the final result, e.g. by placing a watermark

It is important to note that, for example, the use of captcha and the provision of a pay-only service are perfectly understandable and justifiable things. However, when comparing services offering similar quality of results, those with fewer such difficulties will be rated higher. This is in line with the user’s perspective of wanting the best possible experience.

Positive factors that increase the ranking include:

  • a high-quality result thanks, for example, through the use of the latest technologies
  • clear and easy-to-use user interface
  • generous free plans
  • popularity and many existing use cases

These are just a few of the many factors that are taken into account when calculating the Inout Rank. The algorithm is constantly being adapted in order to be able to provide users with objective results for the best services to solve a given problem.