About Inouts

Inouts is a platform where you can find software tools and examples of how to use them. Instead of wasting hours trying to find the right service, you can easily and quickly find the service that solves your problem using our search engine.

As technology develops, especially recently with AI technology, there are a lot of new tools being developed. It’s hard to find them using traditional search methods. On the one hand, we can find a lot of marketing content that makes it hard to understand what exactly a particular service does and how it does it. On the other hand, the creators of the tools often fail to promote them effectively and they get lost on the web.

When Inouts detects a new tool and adds it to the database, it looks primarily at examples of its use. What needs to appear on the input to get a given result on the output. In addition, through the use of proprietary algorithms, it understands what the service does, and therefore what problems it solves and what its use cases might be. This allows you to search by specifying what you want to get or what problem you want to solve.

In addition to basic information about what the service does, we also collect all the information that can help with selection of the best tool, such as:

  • the way in which it can be used (website, mobile application, etc.)
  • whether there is free access, what are the paid plans
  • difficulties that the user will encounter during the use of the service (captcha, need to create an account, need to provide a credit card number, watermark on the result in the case of graphic content, etc.)




  1. software tool defined by what is put in and what is taken out

    "just use this inout to remove the background from the photo"


  1. put (data) into a software and get results (outs)

    "I inouted this article and have a summary of it with the most important points"

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Focus on solutions, not features.

Don't waste time trying to find the right software based on features. Inouts allows you to find software solutions based on your problems, so you can get the best tool for the job and move on with life. Explore real-life examples of using products in practice with Inouts.

Find tools that solve your problems.

Inouts helps you identify the best software solutions for your business needs. We provide detailed descriptions of how each tool can be used in real-life scenarios, enabling you to make an informed decision about which product is right for you.


Generate unique and SEO-optimized content for websites, blogs, social media, ads, and much more.

Graphics & designs

Create any photo, design or art in seconds. Get picture that perfectly match your message.

Answers & support

AI assistants capable of helping in a wide variety of tasks. Q&A, search, summarization, coding, and more.

Get real-life insights into tools from our community.

Don't take our word for it—see what other users are saying about each tool. Inouts' users can submit examples of how each tool in the directory works, so you can get real-life insights into the solutions you're considering.

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