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Generate incredible images and art with Fotor's AI Image Generator. Simply enter text prompts like "a garfield princess" and transform your ideas into stunning visuals in seconds. Free and paid plans available on the website.



  • The service offers AI-powered image generation which can convert text prompts into images.
  • It has a variety of AI art styles you can choose from.
  • It gives you the ability to choose the aspect ratio of the image you want.
  • You can customize your image styles as you wish.
  • It has features like AI upscaling, background removal and replacement, and adding captions and graphics to your images.

Use cases

  • You can use it to visualize your ideas by creating AI art or generating concept art.
  • It's perfect for creating a variety of images like realistic, cartoon, sketch, oil painting, and 3D images.
  • You can use it to make avatars, enhance photos, or create content for branding and promotion.
  • It can speed up your artwork creation process.
  • Artists can use it to bring their imagination to life.

Perfect for

  • Artists who want to bring their imagination to life would find this service useful.
  • Designers who want to speed up their artwork creation process.
  • Content creators who need to create content for branding and promotion.
  • Brands that want to create AI images for their products.
  • Photographers, marketing professionals, tech writers, and gaming enthusiasts who need to create different AI images.
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