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AI Logo Maker is an innovative online service that uses artificial intelligence to generate logos, icons, and 3D letters. It simplifies the logo creation process and is accessible to everyone, with both free and paid plans available. Accessible via Android.



  • It uses AI to generate logos and graphic elements.
  • You can customize the generated logo concepts to fit your brand.
  • The logos can be downloaded in various file formats.
  • The service allows for creation and modification of an unlimited number of logos.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and provides customer support.

Use cases

  • You can use it to create logos for either personal or commercial purposes.
  • It simplifies the logo design process, especially for those without design skills.
  • You can use text, icons, or letters as inputs for the logo creation.

Perfect for

  • Individuals who need a logo for personal use or a small project can use this.
  • Small businesses that need a logo but don't have a large budget for design can benefit from this.
  • Entrepreneurs who are just starting and need a logo for their business can use this service.
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