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AI Poet by DeepAI is an online service that generates poems. It offers both free and paid plans, and can be accessed through the website or API. Get creative and let the AI Poet inspire you!



  • It can generate poems with the help of AI.
  • It has a real-time web browsing feature to fetch information.
  • It can respond in a personalized manner.
  • It has an error correction feature.
  • It can refuse inappropriate requests.

Use cases

  • You can use it to create poetic masterpieces.
  • It can help you in gaining knowledge.
  • You can use it to celebrate anniversaries in unique ways.
  • It can be used to learn programming concepts.

Perfect for

  • Poets might find it useful.
  • Creative writers can use it to create poetry.
  • Students can use it to learn new things.
  • General users who are interested in poetry or learning new topics.
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