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Ai-suggests is an AI assistant that generates content for video titles, LinkedIn posts, and startup names. It offers free and paid plans, and helps keep your social accounts active. The website receives around 20,000 monthly visits.



  • Ai-suggests is powered by artificial intelligence to generate content.
  • You don't need a subscription to use Ai-suggests. It's free to use, but you can also buy credits if you want.
  • The creator of Ai-suggests, Thomas, is really approachable and easy to get in touch with.

Use cases

  • Ai-suggests can help you generate content for your social media accounts. This is handy if you're a content creator or influencer and always need fresh content.
  • If you're a blogger or content creator, you can use Ai-suggests to create headlines, titles, meta descriptions, and keywords.
  • Marketers can use Ai-suggests to assist with their marketing campaigns and ad copy.

Perfect for

  • Content creators would find Ai-suggests useful for generating content for their platforms.
  • Influencers can use Ai-suggests to keep their social media accounts active with fresh content.
  • Marketers might find Ai-suggests useful for creating marketing campaigns and ad copy.
  • Bloggers could use Ai-suggests to generate headlines, titles, meta descriptions, and keywords for their blogs.
  • Indie makers can use Ai-suggests for their content needs.
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