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AI Text Detector is a free online tool for detecting AI-generated text. Trained on 2.6 billion parameters, it can detect chatGPT. Available via the website, with around 20,000 monthly visits.



  • The AI Text Detector is trained on vast amounts of data and language, including more than 26 billion parameters.
  • It can predict if content is human-written or AI-generated with 99 percent accuracy.
  • The tool can identify repetitive patterns in content and detect AI-generated text to make it 100 percent human-like.
  • It's helpful in ranking higher in Google searches by improving SEO performance.
  • The AI Text Detector is free to use, reducing time and resources needed for content moderation.

Use cases

  • It's used for AI watermarking detection and ChatGPT detection.
  • The tool is helpful in checking AI content detection scores and performing content evaluation.
  • It can be used for content writing with AI-generated content, analyzing and generating written content.
  • Teachers and schools use it for plagiarism detection and learning analytics.
  • It's also used to make AI writing undetectable by playing with different settings, patterns, and vocabulary.

Perfect for

  • Content creators will find the AI Text Detector useful in enhancing their writing.
  • Digital marketers can use it to improve SEO performance and rank higher in Google searches.
  • Online platform moderators can save time and resources in content moderation.
  • Educators and schools can use it for plagiarism detection and learning analytics.
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