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Any Solve is a groundbreaking online service that allows you to easily write essays, generate prompts, summarize websites, create titles from text, and generate charts. With both free and paid plans available, you can access this service directly through their website. The only obstacles you may encounter are the need for a Google sign-in and an email requirement. With around 2000 monthly visits, is the go-to AI hub for all your task automation needs. Register today and receive 200 free credits to get started on your automation journey.



  • AnySolve is powered by AI to get your tasks done.
  • It has an AI Chat feature.
  • You can search through a collection of documents.
  • It has a no-code interface which is easy to use.
  • It can integrate with other AI tools and offers a REST interface.

Use cases

  • Automating your daily workflows.
  • Optimizing the workflows in your company.
  • Creating AI tools to solve specific problems.

Perfect for

  • Professionals who want to automate their tasks.
  • Individuals who need help with tasks like writing essays or creating searchable documents.
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