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Appscribed is a free online service that helps you find AI tools. Discover new tools, read reviews, compare features, and explore alternatives. Visit our website to access the best AI tools directory for your business.



  • AI Tools directory, which provides a wide array of AI-powered software and tools
  • Feature comparisons, allowing businesses to compare different software and tools to find what suits them best
  • Integration options, making it possible to find software that can be easily integrated into existing systems
  • Finding alternatives, which helps businesses find other options if a certain tool doesn't meet their requirements
  • Product reviews, which provide insights into the experiences of other users with a particular software or tool

Use cases

  • Businesses that are looking to implement AI tools into their workflow and need a comprehensive directory to find the right ones
  • Businesses that are considering different AI tools and want to compare their features to make an informed decision
  • Businesses that are using a certain tool but are not satisfied with it and are looking for alternatives
  • Businesses that want to know how a certain tool integrates with their existing systems before deciding to use it
  • Businesses that want to learn from the experiences of others before deciding to use a certain tool

Perfect for

  • Businesses that are keen on utilizing AI technology to improve their operations
  • Businesses that are in the process of digital transformation and are looking for suitable AI tools
  • Businesses that want to ensure the AI tools they're considering can be integrated into their existing systems
  • Businesses that are not satisfied with their current AI tools and are looking for alternatives
  • Businesses that want to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing AI tools
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