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AskYourDatabase is the first AI native database client that allows you to chat with your SQL/NoSQL databases. With this service, you can get instant insights, visualize data, design table schemas, and more. Available on macOS, Windows, and other platforms. Free and paid plans are available.



  • You can chat with databases using AI. It's like having a conversation with your data.
  • You don't need to write SQL queries or use API or code. The tool does the heavy lifting.
  • It provides data visualization. You can see your data in clear, engaging visuals.
  • You can design and migrate schemas. No need to hire a data engineer or write any code.
  • The tool works with different databases and supports ChatGPT Enterprise. Plus, it has enterprise-grade security.

Use cases

  • You can use it for business intelligence. Just ask and get insights instantly.
  • It's great for data analysis. Transform complex data into clear visuals in an instant.
  • You can manage your database. Visualize, insert mockup data, design tables, and more.

Perfect for

  • Data analysts may find it useful. It makes database management and data analysis easier.
  • Database administrators can benefit from it. It simplifies schema design and migration.
  • Business professionals can also use it. Get insights and visualizations instantly, no coding needed.
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