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Bonfire is an online service that helps you create chatbots. With both free and paid plans, you can easily build personalized concierge bots for your customers. No more generic customer service bots! Just visit their website and generate your personalized use case.



  • Bonfire has a custom AI chatbot builder platform that uses AI GPT technology.
  • There are personalized concierge bots that can be created to suit your business needs.
  • Bonfire has a use case generator to visualize potential applications.
  • The platform supports multiple languages and can easily integrate with various website platforms like React, Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Wordpress, HTML, and Shopify.
  • Your data is securely stored in a cloud-based system that complies with international security standards such as SOC2.

Use cases

  • Bonfire can enhance customer service by using AI chatbots for interaction.
  • The service provides a concierge experience to increase user engagement on websites.
  • Personalized product recommendations can be generated to assist in sales and marketing efforts.
  • The platform can help in lead generation and scoring.
  • Bonfire can handle file attachments, streamlining communication and data sharing.

Perfect for

  • Companies looking to enhance customer interaction on their websites can find Bonfire useful.
  • Businesses that want to integrate AI chatbots in their customer service will benefit from Bonfire.
  • Website owners can use Bonfire to create a more engaging user experience.
  • Customer service teams can use the platform to streamline and enhance their customer interactions.
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