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Buffer is an all-you-need social media toolkit for small businesses. With Buffer, you can manage your social media accounts and grow your audience organically. Join 160,000+ small businesses today. Available on website, extension, iOS, and Android.



  • It lets you schedule and publish content on social media.
  • It provides content and hashtag suggestions for your posts.
  • It generates automated reports on your social media performance.
  • It allows different permission levels and approval flows for team collaboration.

Use cases

  • It helps small businesses manage their social media and build an audience.
  • It's useful for marketing teams that need to share content on multiple channels.
  • Content managers can use it to save time in managing social media.
  • Social media managers can use it to coordinate collaboration in social media marketing.

Perfect for

  • Small businesses that want to grow their audience on social media.
  • Marketing teams looking for an intuitive tool to manage their social media.
  • Content managers who need to efficiently publish content on various platforms.
  • Social media managers who need to collaborate with their team and monitor performance.
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