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Carousel Maker & Generator is a user-friendly online service that allows you to create captivating carousels effortlessly. Simply choose a topic or enter existing content, and let the AI write a carousel for you. Edit it as needed to suit your style. With elements that auto-resize, perfect positioning and legible font sizes are guaranteed without any manual adjustments. Our handpicked color palettes and font pairings take the guesswork out of creating harmonious designs. The service is available for free with a watermark or you can opt for a paid plan to remove it. With around 100,000 monthly visits, Carousel Maker & Generator is a popular choice for creating eye-catching carousels.



  • The service uses AI to help create carousels.
  • It has a user-friendly design platform that's easy to use.
  • The service autoresizes elements for perfect positioning and readable font sizes.
  • It offers handpicked color palettes and font pairings.
  • You can personalize carousel templates for consistent branding and export them in multiple formats.

Use cases

  • It's great for creating visually engaging content for social media.
  • You can use it to tell a comprehensive story in a visually appealing way.
  • It lets you share multiple related pieces of content through a single carousel.

Perfect for

  • Brands might find this service useful for their social media marketing.
  • Individuals could use it to create eye-catching content for their personal social media platforms.
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