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Create your own AI chatbot with chatof.ai. Customize it using your data and ChatGPT. Share or embed it anywhere. Free and paid plans available. Sign in with Google and register an account. Monthly visits around 300.



  • You can create your own AI chatbots.
  • It allows you to easily import data from various file types including markdown files and documents.
  • You can embed the chatbot on your website as a widget or iframe.
  • You have the option to make your chatbot public or private.
  • It supports natural language question-answering.

Use cases

  • It's useful for engaging visitors on your website.
  • You can automate your FAQs.
  • You can create custom chatbots for different purposes.
  • It can be used for providing customer support.

Perfect for

  • Website owners can use it to engage visitors and provide support.
  • AI enthusiasts can use it to create and experiment with chatbots.
  • Customer support teams can use it to automate their work.
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