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Clipchamp is a quick and easy video editor available on the website and Windows. It helps you make videos and auto-composes them. With smart tools like auto-captions and text to speech, you can create show-stopping videos without any expertise.



  • Clipchamp has a text-to-speech conversion feature.
  • It lets you resize videos, change aspect ratios, and add effects.
  • There is a speaker coach to help improve your communication skills.
  • You can create unlimited videos without any watermark.
  • It provides autocaptions in over 140 languages.

Use cases

  • Clipchamp can be used to create business videos.
  • You can use it for social media content creation.
  • It's great for making educational videos.
  • It can be used to create showstopping videos.

Perfect for

  • Businesses can use Clipchamp to create video content.
  • Educators can use it to make educational videos.
  • Everyday editors can use it for their editing needs.
  • Creators can use it for creating various types of videos.
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