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Constant Contact is a digital and email marketing platform that helps you generate newsletters, announcements, and product promotion emails. It offers both free and paid plans. Sign up on their website to start your free trial today!



  • It uses AI and advanced automation tools for marketing.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface, so you don't need to be a tech wizard to work with it.
  • It supports both email and digital marketing strategies.
  • It provides content ideas, you just have to provide a few keywords.
  • It also offers design resources for creating your marketing materials.

Use cases

  • It can be used for digital marketing, so if you're running online campaigns, this could be handy.
  • It can be used to develop and implement email marketing strategies.
  • If you need to design marketing materials, this service can help you with that.

Perfect for

  • Small businesses can use this service to improve their marketing efforts.
  • Nonprofits can use this service to reach more supporters and donors.
  • Real estate companies can use this to promote their listings and services.
  • Online stores can use this to drive traffic and increase sales.
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