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Defog.ai is an online service that generates queries and answers questions based on datasets. It offers both free and paid plans and is accessible through its website. With around 50,000 monthly visits, users can book a demo, but an email and account registration are required. Try Defog now to ask natural language questions on predefined SQL datasets or integrate with your own database. It also handles complex enterprise workflows and is compatible with any SQL database, allowing you to answer questions that require pages of SQL and complete multi-step analytics.



  • Handles pages of SQL
  • Monitors and controls model output
  • Allows model deployment and customization
  • Trains on custom metrics and industry codes
  • Integrates with any SQL database

Use cases

  • Aligning with business rules
  • Monitoring model performance
  • Completing multi-step analytics tasks
  • Training and deploying models customized for your database schema
  • Integrating with your own database

Perfect for

  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Data engineers
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