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FinalScout is an online service that helps you find valid email addresses on LinkedIn and generate tailored outreach emails using ChatGPT. With up to 98% email deliverability, scale your outreach efforts and connect with potential customers or clients. Available for free or with a paid plan, access the service through the website or extension. Say goodbye to the stress of writing outreach emails with FinalScout's AI-powered email writing technology.



  • Extracts valid email addresses from LinkedIn
  • Crafts tailored emails based on LinkedIn profiles
  • Helps scale your outreach efforts and connect with potential customers
  • Turns LinkedIn into an email list
  • Assists in writing outreach emails with AI

Use cases

  • Used for email marketing
  • Helps in lead generation
  • Can be used for sales outreach
  • Assists in networking
  • Can be used for recruiting

Perfect for

  • Marketers who focus on email marketing
  • Sales professionals for lead generation and outreach
  • Recruiters looking for potential candidates
  • Professionals who need to network
  • Anyone who needs to manage a large number of contacts
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