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Generate WhatsApp QR codes and links with Free WhatsApp Link Generator. Help potential clients contact you in just one click, reducing the process of initiating WhatsApp conversations to a single click. Create unlimited links with pre-made messages to analyze traffic from various communication channels. Website only. Phone number verification required.



  • You can generate unlimited links.
  • You have access to premade messages to start conversations.
  • It allows for QR code generation.
  • No registration is needed to use it.
  • It lets you create personalized campaigns with WhatsApp chatbots.

Use cases

  • You can generate WhatsApp links for potential clients.
  • It helps you create QR codes for offline marketing.
  • You can automate your messaging campaigns on WhatsApp.
  • It allows you to analyze the impact of your WhatsApp communication.
  • It's useful for managing conversations and tasks on WhatsApp.

Perfect for

  • Businesses might find it useful.
  • Marketers can benefit from its features.
  • Entrepreneurs can use it to enhance their communication.
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