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Bito is an online service that generates website designs. With both free and paid plans, it offers a convenient way to create stunning website layouts. Simply visit the website and start designing. The only requirement is an email address. With around 6000 monthly visits, Bito is gaining popularity among innovators and creative individuals.



  • Bito combines AI technology with human creativity for diverse and innovative designs.
  • You can get stunning designs instantly with Bito.
  • Bito allows you to create scroll-stopping animations.
  • With Bito, you can customize your designs using voice or text chat.
  • You can segment your designs, convert them to code, and even deploy your project with just one click on Bito.

Use cases

  • If you need to generate stunning designs instantly, Bito is for you.
  • For creating eye-catching animations that stop people in their tracks, use Bito.
  • Bito is great for customizing designs to perfection.
  • You can use Bito to segment your designs as per your needs.
  • Bito is perfect for converting designs to code and deploying projects easily.

Perfect for

  • Innovators will find Bito useful for creating unique and effective designs.
  • Agencies can use Bito to streamline their design process.
  • Businesses can use Bito to create stunning designs and animations for their products or services.
  • Product owners can use Bito to convert their ideas into tangible designs.
  • Website owners and social media managers can use Bito to create captivating visuals for their platforms.
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