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Haiper is a free online service that allows you to animate your images and change video styles. With Haiper, you can easily bring your vision to life and create dynamic videos. Simply drag and drop your images to magically animate them. The service also offers video repainting tools to modify colors, textures, and elements in your videos. Take up the director's seat and bring your content creation to the next level with Haiper. Access the service through their website, but keep in mind that you may encounter obstacles such as social auth, Google sign in, and watermarks.



  • Video creation AI products
  • Perceptual foundation models
  • Seamlessly transform written content and static visuals into dynamic videos
  • Animate images by dragging and dropping
  • Modify colors, textures, and elements with Video Repainting Tools

Use cases

  • Creating enjoyable and relatable content for social media

Perfect for

  • Individuals
  • Creators
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