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Humbot is an online service that can detect AI-generated content and humanize text. With a free or paid plan, you can easily bypass AI detection and get 100% human score. Sign in with Google or register an account with email to access the service on their website.



  • Humbot has a cutting-edge bypass AI detection technology.
  • It offers a fast and easy humanization process.
  • Humbot's outputs are undetectable by most AI content detection tools.
  • It provides high-quality rewriting resulting in readable and error-free text.
  • Humbot generates original outputs with low to zero plagiarism scores.

Use cases

  • Humbot is useful for content creators trying to bypass AI detection.
  • It can be used to improve the readability and authenticity of AI-generated text.

Perfect for

  • Content creators will find Humbot particularly useful.
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