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iconGeniusAi is an online service that uses AI to generate perfect icons for your business, app, prints, or logo. With a fast delivery time of just a minute, you can create as many collections as you like and store your icons for future use. Each icon is generated in high quality (1024x1024). The service is available through their website and offers both free and paid plans. The only obstacle is that you need to sign in with Google. With around 2000 monthly visits, iconGeniusAi is a reliable choice for all your icon needs.



  • It delivers icons super quick, usually within a minute or two.
  • You can make as many icon collections as you want.
  • The icons you get are high-quality, with 1024x1024 resolution.
  • It uses well-tested prompts to get you the best results.
  • It uses AI to generate the icons.

Use cases

  • When you need to create an icon for your business app.
  • When you're designing logos and need an icon.
  • When you're working on print designs that need icons.

Perfect for

  • Businesses that need icons for their apps or logos.
  • Designers who need high-quality icons for their work.
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