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The INK AI Assistant is an online service that can generate slogans, essays, and sales copy. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through their website. Some obstacles to using the service include social auth, Google sign in, email required, and account registration required. With over 130+ marketing skills, this AI assistant is trained to write the best copy in the industry. Try it out with their free trial, no credit card required.



  • INK AI Assistant offers real-time audience research to help you understand your target market better.
  • The service comes with AI writing templates that make creating content easier and faster.
  • It offers Safe AI for marketing to protect your brand from AI-related risks.
  • The Content performance AI feature helps in improving your content marketing ROI.
  • In addition, it also has a Semantic SEO AI and Content shield for AI protection.

Use cases

  • If you're in marketing, INK AI Assistant can help you write better copy and create engaging content.
  • Content creators can use this service to optimize their content for SEO.
  • Entrepreneurs can use INK AI Assistant to increase user engagement on their websites or blogs.

Perfect for

  • Marketers who want to improve their content and increase user engagement will find INK AI Assistant useful.
  • Writers looking for a tool to help them optimize their content for SEO can use this service.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their content marketing ROI can also benefit from INK AI Assistant.
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