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InstaSuperSave is a free online service that allows you to easily download Instagram photos and videos. No need to install any software, simply visit the website and grab as many videos and pictures as you want. Say goodbye to blurry images, as this tool saves your videos in HD format. With InstaSuperSave, you can effortlessly save interesting videos and pictures for the future.



  • InstaSuperSave allows a quick and straightforward download process.
  • It provides HD video quality for all downloads.
  • There's no watermark on the content you download.
  • It can convert source files to your preferred formats.
  • Your downloads are safe and secure, with no download history kept.

Use cases

  • InstaSuperSave is great when you want to share content with others.
  • It can be used for research and analysis.
  • The service helps in preserving Instagram and Facebook content.
  • It provides offline access to Instagram content.
  • You can use it for reposting and remixing content.

Perfect for

  • General Instagram and Facebook users would find InstaSuperSave useful.
  • Researchers, marketers, and analysts can use it for their work.
  • Artists, creators, and influencers would benefit from this service.
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