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Magic Design is a free AI design tool available on the website. It helps you visualize your design ideas by generating refined templates based on your text and media. No coding or advanced design skills required.



  • AI-powered design generation that can turn any media into personalized designs.
  • Customized templates for different content and contexts.
  • Automatic resizing and editing to ensure consistent designs for different platforms.
  • Real-time collaboration, so you can work with others on designs.
  • Easy sharing and exporting options, so your designs can go anywhere you need them.

Use cases

  • Individuals who want to create personalized designs for any purpose.
  • Teachers who need curated designs for projects or lesson plans.
  • Professionals who need to generate designs for work projects or deliverables.
  • Content creators who want to transform templates into unique designs.
  • Anyone who needs to quickly generate presentations or edit videos.

Perfect for

  • Individuals who want to express their creativity through design.
  • Teachers who want to add a visual element to their lesson plans.
  • Professionals who need to create designs as part of their work.
  • Content creators who need to generate unique designs for their content.
  • Anyone who needs to create a presentation or edit a video quickly and effortlessly.
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