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Mentor AI is an Android-based online service that answers questions. With a range of expertise in various domains, from mental health to finance and professional growth, it offers both free and paid plans. Sign in with Google to access its treasure trove of knowledge.



  • Mentor AI gives you access to mentors with expertise in a wide range of domains instantly.
  • It provides a seamless and personalized learning experience.
  • The service promotes holistic growth and supports every aspect of your life.
  • The mentorship provided by Mentor AI is powered by artificial intelligence.

Use cases

  • If you're looking to hone your skills in photography, videography, cooking, etc., Mentor AI can be very helpful.
  • You can use it to navigate through life challenges such as grief counseling and addiction recovery.
  • Mentor AI is also useful when preparing for SAT/ACT exams.

Perfect for

  • Students can benefit from Mentor AI's services.
  • If you're an individual facing life challenges, you might find Mentor AI useful.
  • Enthusiasts looking to improve their skills in various areas can also benefit from the service.
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