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MuseCheck is a free online service that helps you find available domain names quickly and easily. Join hundreds of founders and creative agencies in creating original names for your company, product, or campaign. Your searches are private and secure.



  • MuseCheck checks domain availability using its deep proprietary search.
  • It's optimized for speed, so you won't be waiting around.
  • It immediately deletes search results after showing them to you.
  • It allows private name searches, so you can create without worry.
  • MuseCheck doesn't store any of your search requests, not on your device or its servers.

Use cases

  • MuseCheck can help you find the perfect name for your new company.
  • It's great for coming up with product names.
  • You can use it to create catchy campaign slogans.

Perfect for

  • Founders who are looking to name their startup could find MuseCheck useful.
  • Creative agencies might use it to come up with names for their client's projects.
  • Leading creative professionals who need to create outstanding company names, product names, and campaign slogans.
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