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MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. Translate text for free using the website or API. Access translation memories from the EU, UN, and multilingual websites. Download memories in TMX format.



  • MyMemory offers an API for developers.
  • It has a web user interface that you can use to search for translations.
  • You can download translation memories in TMX format.
  • It supports several CAT tool plugins and integrations.
  • The service contains a whopping 7,505,433,984 human-translated segments.

Use cases

  • You can use MyMemory to find translations for your texts or sentences.
  • It helps with machine translation when no human translation is found.
  • You can contribute to the translation memories, enhancing the service's database.
  • You can use the downloaded translation memories with your CAT tool of choice.
  • You can search for translations via the web user interface or API.

Perfect for

  • Translators will find MyMemory incredibly useful.
  • Language professionals can use it for their work.
  • Language learners can use the service to aid their learning process.
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