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Notta is an online service that helps you save time by transcribing videos and extracting audio from them. It offers a free and paid plan and can be accessed through its website, extension, iOS, Android, and macOS apps. Some obstacles when using the service include social auth, Google sign in, email required, and account registration required. Update to the latest version to enjoy the enhanced "AI Summary" feature. Connect Notta to your Google Calendar to easily schedule events, record and transcribe live sessions, and effortlessly share your online meeting notes via links. Notta simplifies the process of finding time by integrating with Google Calendar.



  • Notta has real-time transcription with a 98.86% accuracy rate.
  • It integrates with Google Calendar for easy scheduling.
  • Notta allows you to export transcripts to various formats including TXT, DOCX, SRT, and PDF.
  • You can share your recordings and transcripts via links.
  • It seamlessly integrates with YouTube videos and live Zoom meetings for transcriptions.

Use cases

  • Notta helps in saving time by transcribing audio and video content to text.
  • It simplifies the process of finding time for meetings by integrating with Google Calendar.
  • You can create accurate summaries of meeting transcripts using Notta.
  • Notta enhances training and communication through accurate transcriptions.
  • It allows you to extract text from YouTube videos.

Perfect for

  • Business professionals can make use of Notta for transcribing and summarizing meetings.
  • Students can use Notta for transcribing lectures or study materials.
  • Customer support and sales teams can use it for transcribing customer calls or meetings.
  • IT support teams can use Notta for transcribing technical sessions.
  • Basically, anyone who needs to transcribe audio or video content to text can find Notta useful.
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