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Online Downloader is a free website that allows you to easily download videos from Facebook. Simply copy the video URL, paste it into the field, choose the quality, and click download. No more searching for direct download options, Online Downloader has got you covered. Compatible with PC, Mobile, and iPad.



  • It allows downloading videos in multiple formats like MP4, M4A, 3GP.
  • It enables downloading audio files in MP3 format if available.
  • It's fast, easy to use, and doesn't limit the number of downloads.
  • It's safe, secure, and doesn't need you to sign up.
  • It can download videos from multiple sources, not just Facebook.

Use cases

  • You can save your favorite videos to watch later without using data.
  • You can download videos for educational purposes.
  • You can share videos with friends who don't have a Facebook account.
  • You can create content using downloaded videos.

Perfect for

  • Social media users who want to share or save videos.
  • Content creators who need videos for their work.
  • Students who use videos for educational purposes.
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