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PixAI is an online service that allows you to generate images. With both free and paid plans available, you can access the service through their website or Discord. However, please note that obstacles such as social authentication, Google sign-in, email requirement, and account registration are required. With around 3,000,000 monthly visits, PixAI provides a platform for image generation for various categories such as anime, gaming, and more.



  • PixAI allows real-time generation of AI art.
  • It offers trending artwork ranking to keep you updated with popular art styles.

Use cases

  • With PixAI, you can unlock your creativity by generating high-quality anime AI art.
  • You can use it to create original character designs or use existing character templates.

Perfect for

  • Artists looking for a tool to help them create unique anime art will find PixAI very useful.
  • Anime enthusiasts who want to create their own anime characters can also use it.
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