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Description is an online service that helps companies create clearer, more equitable, and bias-free job descriptions. It offers a free and paid plan, and can be accessed through their website. Users can invite candidates via email or a shared link and conduct interviews through text chat or video calls. The service provides a complete rating for each candidate, including detailed scores, skill assessments, and strengths/weaknesses. Additionally, it includes a full chat and video interview history.



  • It allows for bulk screening of candidates.
  • It uses an AI assistant for conducting interviews.
  • It provides skill evaluation of candidates.
  • It automates the hiring process.
  • It helps create clear and bias-free job descriptions.

Use cases

  • It's used for screening candidates for management-level positions.
  • It helps improve hiring processes.
  • It's a tool for saving time and money in hiring.
  • It assists in creating equitable and bias-free job descriptions.

Perfect for

  • Recruiters can utilize it to streamline their hiring process.
  • Hiring managers can use it to save time and reduce bias in candidate selection.
  • HR professionals can use it to improve their hiring processes and create clear job descriptions.
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