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Powder is an online service that generates short clips from videos. It offers both free and paid plans and is available for Windows users. With social auth, Google sign in, and email required, it requires account registration. The website receives around 50,000 monthly visits.



  • AI-powered clip creation feature that helps in making game clips ready for social media.
  • Customizable templates that give you the freedom to create your style of content.
  • Streamlined sharing across social media platforms, making distribution of your clips easier and faster.
  • It's a cost-saving alternative to hiring video editors, making it great for individuals or small businesses.

Use cases

  • Content creation for social media, especially for those who want to share their gaming clips.
  • Gaming content editing, making it easier for you to make montages and highlights of your games.
  • Saving time on video editing, with the help of AI and customizable templates.

Perfect for

  • Game streamers who want to share their gaming moments on social media.
  • Content creators who need a faster and more efficient way to create and distribute content.
  • Gaming enthusiasts who want to show off their gaming skills or share their favorite gaming moments.
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