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Promptly is an online service that allows you to easily generate chatbots for your website. With both free and paid plans available, Promptly can seamlessly integrate your own data and GPT-powered models without any coding experience. Accessible via the website or API, Promptly is trusted by teams and has a monthly visit count of around 10,000.



  • Seamless integration of data and GPT-powered models, which makes it easy to build intelligent apps.
  • No coding experience required. This means anyone can use it, even if they don't know how to code.
  • Support for major model providers. This makes it possible to use the models you prefer.
  • Embeddable widgets for websites. This allows you to easily add AI functionality to your website.
  • Customizable chatbot look and feel, which means you can create a chatbot that fits your brand.

Use cases

  • Building AI-powered web apps. This might be useful if you want to add AI functionality to a web app.
  • Creating chatbots. This might be handy if you need an AI chatbot for your website or app.
  • Integrating data and models. This is important if you want to use your own data or model with the service.
  • Generating AI applications. This could be useful if you want to create an AI app from scratch.
  • Building Slack apps and Discord bots. This could be handy if you want to add AI functionality to a Slack app or Discord bot.

Perfect for

  • Developers. They might find this service useful because it supports major model providers and allows for seamless integration of data and models.
  • Non-developers. They might appreciate this service because no coding experience is required and it offers embeddable widgets for websites.
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