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Generate basic and advanced QR codes in seconds with QR Code Dynamic. This free and dynamic QR code generator allows you to create customizable and trackable static QR codes. With no scan limit and no data saved on their servers, it's a convenient tool for all your QR code needs. Simply register for an account on their website to get started.



  • Password protection feature for added security
  • Dynamic QR codes that allow URL destination changing
  • Easy customization of QR codes with multiple templates
  • Advanced scan statistics for tracking QR code scans
  • AB rotation, scheduling expiration limits, and country and device language retargeting

Use cases

  • Sharing contact information through QR codes
  • Using QR codes for marketing and advertising
  • Collecting feedback and surveys with the help of QR codes
  • Sharing event details via QR codes
  • Providing additional information about products or services using QR codes

Perfect for

  • Restaurant and coffee shop owners who want to share their menu or other info
  • Businesses who want to use QR codes for marketing and advertising
  • Event organizers who want to share event details through QR codes
  • Retailers who want to provide additional product info via QR codes
  • Marketers who want to track the effectiveness of their campaigns with advanced scan statistics
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