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Recast is an online service that converts articles into personalized podcasts. Easily listen to your reading list on the go. Connect Recast to your podcast app and add articles through the website or browser extension. Try it for free! Subscription plans start at $10.



  • Recast converts your news articles and blogs into personal podcasts with a natural and expressive audio output.
  • You can easily integrate Recast with your existing podcast apps.
  • Adding articles to Recast is simple, you can do it from your phone or through a browser extension.
  • Recast offers a free 60 minutes trial for listening without needing a credit card.
  • There are subscription plans starting at just $10.

Use cases

  • You can use Recast to maximize your productivity by multitasking.
  • With Recast, you can listen to articles and blogs while on the go or during commutes.

Perfect for

  • Busy professionals who want to keep up with their reading list can benefit from Recast.
  • Podcast enthusiasts who prefer listening to reading will find Recast useful.
  • Online readers who want to consume their content in a different format can use Recast.
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