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ReColor AI is an online service that allows artists to easily colorize their images. With 20+ unique design styles to choose from, users can upload their project pictures and generate colorful portraits in seconds. The service is available through the website, with both free and paid plans. However, users should be aware that obstacles such as requiring a Google sign-in, email, watermark, and account registration are present.



  • You'll need to confirm your email before using ReColor AI.
  • ReColor AI has a community where you can check out examples and designs created by other users.
  • You can get results pretty quickly with this - it only takes a few seconds to get a colorful portrait.
  • There are various pricing options available, depending on what you need.
  • ReColor AI offers 20 unique design styles you can choose from.

Use cases

  • ReColor AI is great for colorizing black and white photos.
  • It can also help you create unique design styles for your projects.
  • If you're looking to generate colorful portraits, ReColor AI can be really handy.

Perfect for

  • Individuals who are into digital art might find ReColor AI useful.
  • If you're a professional designer, artist, or photographer, you might want to check out ReColor AI.
  • Also, anyone who needs to quickly transform an image into a colorful portrait might find this tool handy.
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