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Recraft is an online service that helps you remove image backgrounds, generate vector images, and repaint images. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through their website. The only obstacle is the requirement of signing in with Google.



  • Generative AI for professional design
  • Wide collection of presets
  • Powerful canvas with layers and frames
  • Precise palettes using brand colors
  • Editing and fixing anatomy with lasso modifying tool

Use cases

  • Creating and editing vector art icons, 3D images, and illustrations for websites
  • Generating illustrations using generative AI for print and marketing materials
  • Creating images using only text for any digital design
  • Organizing workspace with layers and frames for different design projects
  • Generating images in a consistent style for brand consistency

Perfect for

  • Designers who need to create high-quality images
  • Marketers who need to generate illustrations for promotional materials
  • Entrepreneurs who need images for their websites or other digital platforms
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