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RedKetchup is an online service that offers a range of image and animation tools. It allows users to compress, resize, and convert images, as well as download videos from Twitter. With both free and paid plans available, RedKetchup is accessible via their website. With a monthly visit count of around 4 million, it is a popular choice for those in need of easy and efficient image editing.



  • It allows image downscaling or upscaling with filters and sharpening.
  • It provides bulk image resizing, conversion, and compression.
  • It's capable of image compression with file size reduction and improved PNG compression with dithering.
  • It offers GIF resizing, cropping, and editing, and optimizing GIFs for high quality or smallest file size.
  • It enables viewing and editing Windows icons, creating custom icons in different color depths, and generating favicons with customizable text and design.

Use cases

  • It can be used to resize images to specific dimensions or ratios.
  • It's great for compressing images to reduce file size.
  • It can convert images to different formats.
  • It can edit and resize animated GIFs.
  • You can use it to create custom icons in ICO format.

Perfect for

  • Graphic designers could find it useful.
  • Web developers might use it for various tasks.
  • Social media managers can use it for image and GIF editing.
  • Photographers could use it for image resizing and compression.
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