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Rephrase is an online service that helps you paraphrase text by replacing words with similar meanings and changing sentence structure. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through their website. The service is used by around 600,000 visitors per month and helps freelance writers and professionals boost their writing careers. The only obstacle is a captcha.



  • It's AI-powered, so it can paraphrase your text smartly.
  • You can rewrite essays and blogs as much as you want.
  • The content it produces is professional and unique.
  • It helps create plagiarism-free assignments.
  • It also corrects grammar in the text.

Use cases

  • You can use it when you're writing blog posts.
  • It's helpful for creating content for websites.
  • It's useful for research writing.
  • Journalists can use it to rewrite their articles.
  • It's also handy for educational assignments.

Perfect for

  • Freelance writers can use it to make their work more unique.
  • Professionals in various fields can use it to improve their writing.
  • Students can use it to avoid plagiarism in their assignments.
  • Marketers can use it for creating unique promotional content.
  • Webmasters and teachers can also benefit from it.
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