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about 7500 users per month

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Secure Password Generator is a free online service that helps you generate strong and secure passwords. With a monthly visit of around 30,000, this website ensures your online accounts are protected from social engineering and brute force attacks.



  • Generates passwords that are at least 16 characters long
  • Includes a mix of numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special symbols
  • Provides examples of strong and weak passwords
  • Offers tips on password security and best practices
  • Suggests using password management software

Use cases

  • Creating strong and unique passwords
  • Enhancing password security
  • Avoiding the use of the same password for multiple accounts
  • Avoiding using personal information or dictionary words in passwords
  • Protecting against keyloggers and WiFi signal inference

Perfect for

  • Individuals who want to protect their online accounts
  • Businesses that need to safeguard their data
  • People who use multiple accounts and want unique passwords for each
  • Anyone looking for guidance on password security best practices
  • Users who want to understand more about password cracking methods and how to test password strength
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