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SnapCalorie is a revolutionary nutrition tracking app available on iOS, Android, and macOS. Take a photo of any meal and instantly access detailed nutritional analysis. Free and paid plans available. Email and account registration required.



  • SnapCalorie has a feature that lets you take a picture of your meal and a nutrition expert will label your food plate for you.
  • The app makes use of your phone's depth sensor along with a proprietary algorithm to measure accurate portion sizes.
  • SnapCalorie provides detailed nutritional analysis for the meals you eat.

Use cases

  • SnapCalorie is used for tracking and analyzing the nutritional content of meals.
  • It can be used to get accurate measurements of portion sizes which can help in managing diet.
  • SnapCalorie can be used to get a detailed breakdown of the food on your plate, helping you understand your diet better.

Perfect for

  • Individuals who are looking to track and manage their nutrition can find SnapCalorie useful.
  • People who want an easy and accurate way to log their meals can use this app.
  • Individuals who are on a diet and want to keep track of their meal portions can find SnapCalorie beneficial.
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