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Stylar is an online service that generates images. It offers a layer-based composition board for precise and intuitive image layout adjustment. The service has a free and paid plan and can be accessed through their website. However, obstacles include the need for a Google sign-in, email requirement, watermark, and account registration. With Stylar, you can easily stylize your materials and split images into layers with just a few clicks.



  • Stylar has an AI-assisted image generation feature that makes it easy to create images.
  • It has a layer-based composition board for accurate and intuitive image layout adjustment.
  • Stylar provides a built-in character styles for variety.
  • It has a feature called Stylar Assistant that helps you write prompts effortlessly through natural language.
  • Stylar allows you to split an image into layers with its auto-selection tool.

Use cases

  • Stylar can be used to create diverse game and animation character prototypes.
  • It can help in previewing interior design ideas.
  • Stylar can be used to generate tattoo ideas.
  • It is useful in providing abstract art styles and textures for graphic and branding designers.
  • Stylar can enhance logo creativity.

Perfect for

  • Graphic and branding designers will find Stylar useful.
  • Illustrators can use Stylar for their image creation needs.
  • Game and animation character designers can use Stylar to create characters.
  • Interior designers can use it to preview their design ideas.
  • Tattoo artists and enthusiasts can use Stylar to generate tattoo ideas.
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