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Suno AI is a free online service available on Discord. It can convert text to speech and generate music for lyrics. With around 70000 monthly visits, it's a great tool for creating music and speech with AI.



  • You don't need any instruments to use Suno AI.
  • It uses artificial intelligence to help you create music.
  • It's a platform where you can experiment with making music.
  • The process of creating music with it is pretty straightforward.

Use cases

  • You can make a song for a friend with Suno AI.
  • You can make a song about the moon or any other topic.
  • You can make a song that expresses your feelings.
  • You can make a song for fun occasions like holidays.
  • You can even make a song about complex things like mitochondria.

Perfect for

  • If you like singing in the shower, you might enjoy using Suno AI.
  • If you're a charting artist, this could be a new way to create music.
  • Music enthusiasts in general would probably find Suno AI interesting.
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