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SYMBL is a free online service that helps you find emoji and symbols. With a wide range of popular queries, it offers a convenient way to find the perfect symbol for your needs. Simply visit the website to access the collection.



  • SYMBL can generate stylish and unique text for you.
  • With SYMBL, you can search for and copy symbols and characters, like emojis, hearts, arrows, stars, and more.
  • SYMBL also offers a feature to generate passwords.
  • It can convert your text to Morse code or even translate it to Braille.
  • SYMBL provides an emoji keyboard and can generate Unicode character tables.

Use cases

  • SYMBL is great for creating stylish and unique nicknames.
  • You can use SYMBL for translating text to Braille or converting it to Morse code.
  • SYMBL is ideal for exploring and copying various symbols, characters, hieroglyphs, scripts, and alphabets.
  • You can use SYMBL to generate Unicode character tables.
  • SYMBL is useful for generating and converting text in different styles and formats.

Perfect for

  • Designers can use SYMBL for graphic design and text decoration.
  • Developers can use SYMBL for website development, especially when they need Unicode character tables.
  • Translators can find SYMBL useful for translating text to Braille or Morse code.
  • Social media users can use SYMBL for creating stylish posts and unique nicknames.
  • Privacy-conscious individuals may find the password generation feature of SYMBL very useful.
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