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  • TeeAI uses technologies like cookies to store and access device information.
  • It processes data such as browsing behavior or unique IDs.
  • The service enables the use of specific services requested by the user.
  • It allows storing preferences and collects anonymous statistical data.
  • TeeAI creates user profiles for advertising and tracking purposes.

Use cases

  • TeeAI improves the browsing experience by tailoring it to user preferences.
  • It shows personalized ads based on the user's browsing behavior and unique IDs.
  • The service allows subscribers or users to access specific services.
  • TeeAI collects statistical data for analysis and improvement.
  • It helps in creating user profiles for targeted advertising and tracking user behavior.

Perfect for

  • Subscribers who want an improved, personalized browsing experience.
  • Users who do not mind sharing their browsing behavior for personalized ads.
  • People who need to access specific services provided by TeeAI.
  • Users who consent to the use of technologies to enhance their browsing experience.
  • Subscribers who understand and agree with the data storage and access requirements.
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