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Temp Mail is a service that provides disposable temporary email addresses to keep spam out of your inbox. It offers both free and paid plans and is accessible through the website, iOS, Android, and macOS.



  • Temp Mail lets you keep spam out of your personal email by providing a disposable, temporary email address.
  • It helps to protect your personal email address from spam.
  • It allows you to avoid registration on forums, websites, and blogs.
  • It is capable of receiving SMS OTP verifications online.
  • It can be used to create disposable email addresses for social media accounts.

Use cases

  • You can use Temp Mail when you want to sign up for store loyalty cards but don't want to receive their promotional emails.
  • It is useful when you need to test web apps and don't want to use your personal email.
  • If you want to create double accounts with web apps, Temp Mail can provide the extra email address.
  • You can use it to reduce the amount of spam emails you receive.
  • It's handy when you want to sign up for a service but don't want to give out your personal email.

Perfect for

  • People who want to protect their personal email addresses from spam will find Temp Mail useful.
  • Bloggers and online forum users who want to avoid registration can use this service.
  • Developers testing web apps can use Temp Mail to avoid using their personal emails.
  • Anyone who wants to sign up for store loyalty cards but avoid promotional emails can use Temp Mail.
  • People who need to create double accounts with web apps may find Temp Mail beneficial.
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