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tl;dv is an AI-powered meeting recorder available as a free or paid extension for Google Meet and Zoom. It transcribes and summarizes meetings, providing high-quality video and sound. The service offers accurate speaker detection and supports multiple languages.



  • High-quality video and sound recording during meetings
  • Immediate access to recorded meetings in your library
  • Accurate meeting transcripts with speaker detection
  • Support for multiple languages including German, English, French, and more
  • One-click search for any spoken words during meetings

Use cases

  • Recording calls with customers, prospects, and your team
  • Sharing meeting highlights with clients or investors
  • Providing user feedback to the team based on meeting discussions
  • Summarizing key meeting topics for easier focus
  • Searching for specific discussions during past meetings

Perfect for

  • Sales teams looking to record and review customer calls
  • Customer support teams needing to transcribe and summarize calls
  • Remote teams wanting to share and review meeting moments
  • Business professionals who need to record and search meeting discussions
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