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Unreal Speech is an online service that converts text to speech. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through their website or API. The service requires a Google sign in, email, and account registration. With around 20,000 monthly visits, it provides cost-effective solutions compared to other providers.



  • Unreal Speech offers a Text-to-speech conversion feature.
  • It provides a short endpoint stream.
  • It also offers a medium endpoint speech feature.
  • The service provides different bitrate options: 192k, 320k, 256k.
  • It also offers an option to adjust the speed and pitch of the speech.

Use cases

  • Unreal Speech can be used for generating audio content from text.
  • It can be used by developers for integrating text-to-speech in their applications.

Perfect for

  • Content creators can use Unreal Speech to generate audio content from their text.
  • Developers can use the service to integrate text-to-speech functionality in their applications.
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